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Our philosophy


The creator economy is the future.

We know great brands are rooted in human experiences. We live to connect brands with audiences through captivating storytelling and high-quality content delivering just the right amount of FOMO to amplify your exposure.



Relationships with our creators and clients are our #1 priority. Our team of diverse and innovative creators expands the reach of your content across verticals and ensures the achievement of audience diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.



Human connection rules in content marketing. We strive for authentic partnerships and content, always ensuring we accurately pair creators with brands they truly care about. Our influencers bring your brand their network of real fans who share common values to each campaign.



Our audience connection is real and our reach is effective. We provide brands access to audiences that would be much harder to segment in traditional channels. Our creators reach people, targets, demographics, and cohorts through their earned audience relationships that brands otherwise struggle to access.



Sharable. Professional. Engaging.
None of our content is scripted. Our creators’ integrated messaging elevates your campaign through creative, customized, and relatable stories. 


Direct Response

We’re performance marketers who aren’t afraid of the numbers. We use data to inform our decisions and campaigns, focusing on hitting KPIs and driving traffic and conversions for our partners.



Table Rock creators prioritize your brand’s campaign goals from start to finish. We pair the highest quality influencers with our premium content creation tools to ensure your campaign engages and excites the right people.



We’ll shoot you straight. We can back up our pricing with stats, formulas, and empirical reasoning, and we’ll be honest with you when something isn’t going to work out. We always want what’s best for all of our clients, brand and influencers alike, and we’ll do everything we can to achieve that outcome.



Successful messaging solutions elicit emotional responses from audiences. We welcome a good challenge and are always down to discuss your most exotic ideas. Feel free to try and stump us.

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